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International Sing-a-Long
May 4, 2009, 8:00 pm
Filed under: School

multilingual_lrgOur Ulpan teacher Dina is such a gifted and tremendous teacher.  If you’re an Oleh Chadash and planning on studying at Ulpan Gordon, she is the teacher to get.  It’s a tremendous task she’s got to do – teach 30 adults Hebrew from scratch in 5 months.  But she throws so much enthusiasm, compassion and fun into things, we just have a good time.

Case in point: last Thursday was my classmate Giselle’s birthday.  Giselle is French, had lived in the U.K. a long time, and just made Aliyah and moved to Israel.  Dina made a point of wishing her Happy Birthday during class, and she had all the different nationalities in class sing her Happy Birthday in our native languages.  We sang it in English (twice – one for USA and once for U.K.; our Canada person opted out), French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian (no agenda here, just calling it like it was – the Russians stunk; they couldn’t get it together to even finish their version), and Hungarian (apparently, in Czech Republic, they don’t have a Birthday Song!  Poor Czech Republic.)  It was like kindergarten or something – after every time, the whole class clapped and cheered. 

How can you not have a good time (and learn) in that environment?


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