Gefilte Fish Out of Water

Commodore 64
May 2, 2009, 7:50 pm
Filed under: School


I missed you, too.

Thursday morning, our class went down to the computer lab, which we’ll be doing two mornings per week.  Our first goal is to get be able to locate hebrew letters on a regular qwerty keyboard and get comfortable typing them.

I wish I brought my camera down with me to the lab.  We were all set up on PCs (they weren’t Commodore 64s, I’m exaggerating w/ that headline), and we had to complete an exercise where we we’d see a word in Hebrew letters, and we had to copy it exactly by typing it out in a blank field.  The reason I wish I brought my camera is b/c every time you got one right (which was pretty much every time), this beyond crude old skool graphic of a basketball player would come on screen and make a free through with “nuthin’ but net” into the basket, while they flashed a word like, “Excellent!” (in Hebrew, of course) on screen and a fake crowd cheered. 


We were all making fun of the basketball player graphic guy, yet everybody was trying to get through the exercise as quickly as we could.  If you got a 100%, Dina would come over and give you a piece of chocololate.   We were having a blast cracking jokes about bad 70s TV and whatever else.  It was really fun.

I got a 99% on the first exercise, but a 100% on the second, right before our lab time ended and we went back upstairs.  Chocolate for me – YAY !!!


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