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‘Thonners Tan (Final ‘thon Dispatch!)
April 27, 2009, 4:03 pm
Filed under: Pot Luck


img_1828aLater that night, as my friend Elana was cooking a nice Puerto Rican dinner for me and my friend Abi, I said to them, “Hey guys, is it my imagination, or am I sunburned only in a stripe on the top of my forehead?”

“It’s not your imagination,” they said.

D’oh!  Even though I had skin cream with SPF 15 on my face, b/c my bandana headband was only covering half my forehead, I got sunburned only on the top of my forehead.  Three days later, and it’s still there!

I’ve heard of a Farmer’s Tan, but this is a little bit ridiculous.

And that, folks, is all she friggin’ wrote !!!


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Hi Scott –

Just logged into my blog today. Been awhile.

Guess what? You’re blog is referring lots of people. Thanks! I’ll have to do a blogroll too someday.


Comment by lyssa

It gets kinda addictive when you see traffic increase, dudn’t it?

Comment by skatp

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