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Are you as sick of marathon posts as me? (penultimate-ultimate ‘thon dispatch)
April 27, 2009, 3:23 pm
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I’m not gonna lie, the last 2.5 km were tough.  Fortunately, my friend Leah was waiting for me at 40km.  Hi, Leah!

Just like in the NYC ‘thon, as you exit Central Park and start to run up 59th street before reentering at Columbus Circle, those final km/miles are kinda elusive; think that rack-focus shot in “Poltergeist” when JoBeth Williams realizes her kids are back in danger the night after they thought all their spooky problems were behind them.  Remember that shot – the hallway seems to grow and grow and grow?  I’m tellin’ you, something happens to those last miles/km….they go like in super slomo.  I’m always worried if I take them too hard, I’m gonna run out of gas.

Plus, this was more difficult, b/c in NYC, I know the course.  In TLV, the finish line turned about to be about 75 km in from a sudden right turn off Haryarkon Street, which runs parallel to the beach.  But I didn’t know this, and I kept wondering why I couldn’t see the finish line yet.

So, I went totally internal and tuned out the whole crowd.  Shame, b/c finally there was one!  Leah came back alongside me on her bike, but I told her, “Sorry, I’ve got to focus if I wanna finish this.”  I wound up missing my dear friend Abi, b/c I was looking at the ground and had the iPod on.  😦   But I did see my friend Dov, and then my friends Jean, Elaine and Davey.  Yay, to all of them!

Then, I made the turn and turned on the juice.  I had a lot of reserves apparently, b/c I really flew that last stretch.

Finished at 5:08:XX.  That’s not a typo, I ran for over five hours!  This was actually my slowest finishing time ever, but I’m really proud of it still, because:

– I haven’t run a marathon in five years.

– Normally I train for 5 months.  For this race I trained only one month.

– It was the warmest weather by far that I ever ran one.

– I’m five years older now!

– It was only my slowest time by five minutes.

Still can’t believe I did it.  It was soooo different than running New York.  So solitary.  I was really alone out there for most of the five hours.  Talk about endurance.  I amazed myself.


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Good job, Scott!!! I really enjoyed reading your play by play! Congrats again!

Comment by Nelta

Cool, I’m glad I wasn’t (as Simon on IDOL would say), “indulgently” oversharing! xo

Comment by skatp

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