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Baby Steps
April 26, 2009, 8:36 pm
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After speaking with my mom yesterday, I learned that last week my 1-year-old niece Alexa started walking.  As with anything important to me back in the U.S., the news was very bittersweet.  It’s wonderful news for my family, but I feel very sad that I’m not around right now, being a part of her life as she grows up.  We’ve done a few Skype video conferences and held her attention w/ silly voices and finger puppets, but that doesn’t take the sting away from learning she took her first steps a week ago and you’re not there to see her excitedly exploring life in a fresh way.

My mom also let me know my aunt & uncle will be celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary later this year and untitled8reminded me that Mothers’ Day is coming up.


I love living here.  Yes, there is some uncertainty to resolved about my job and where I’ll be living.  But day to day, I am so happy here.  From the sweetness of the air to the beautiful weather to the beach…but it’s more than that.  It’s an intangible feeling that Israel is where I’m supposed to be.  What matters to me is just changing before my eyes.  Making sure I’m up to the minute on American pop culture just doesn’t hold as much interest any more.  Learning Hebrew does.  It’s a very hard to articulate feeling – this feeling that I am a part of Israel now, where my people came from and where we belong.  Like, I love that every room in a hotel has a mezzuah outside it, and that people don’t work for a whole week during Passover Pesach, and that I have no choice but to take it easy on Shabbat b/c everything is friggin closed.  I’m not describing it well.

dscn7837But my family is so important to me.  It always has been.  And even though the technology is wonderful at making it easier to stay in touch, the time difference still makes it difficult.  I’m just so wiped out at the end of my day when the timing is best to speak with them back in Philly, so I blow it off one more day.  My niece isn’t knowing me, and my first cousins once removed – well, they might forget me.

My mom, my brother and sister-in-law, my dad, my amazing cousins, my aunt & uncle, my great aunt & uncle.  Sigh.  I just wish everyone I loved and cared about would move to Israel, too.dscn0551

So, what’s a homesick boychik to do?  How about buy a roundtrip ticket to JFK for September!  For under $900, too.  Plus, I get to see one (maybe two) U2 shows at Giants Stadium.  I feel a lot better knowing that ticket is purchased.  If I can go back every 6 months for a week, I can live with that.  Won’t that be expensive?  Not if I’m a tightwad otherwise.  We’ll see.img_1570

Dante + Mirabelle 4ever

Dante + Mirabelle 4ever




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