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Orthodox Port-a-Potty (T.A. Marathon Dispatch # 2)
April 25, 2009, 1:44 pm
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Five or six KM into the race, as I was nearing the turnaround point on Rothschild Blvd, I realized I needed to use a bathroom.  But the T.A. Marathon is NOT the NYC Marathon; the level or organization & planning is just not there.  There were no port-a-potties on the course.   I guess my next move would be to look for a McDonalds or something, but we were on a residential part of the street.

I decided to ask someone outside of an apartment if they would let me in to use their bathroom.  But the people I saw were like all waiting for the bus or something.  No one looked like they were hanging outside of their own home.  Until I saw this Orthodox Jew guy in his 50s, locking up his bicycle.  Thank goodness for having one week of Ulpan underneath my belt.  I went for it.  “Slicha, gar po?” I asked (Sorry, do you live here?)  He answered in English, “Yes.”  I wasted no time asking, “Can I use your bathroom?”  He looked me over and said, “OK, follow me.”

He was on the first floor (yay!)  He opens the apartment door, and there’s his wife and a few kids cleaning and doin’ shiz, and he’s like (in Hebrew), “He’s running the marathon.  He’s gonna use our bathroom.”  I’m like, “Sorry, sorry.  Thank you very much.  Thank you very much.”

I’m in & out.  Thank them all again.  Wish them Shabbat Shalom, and get back on the road.  Lost five minutes, but it’s no big deal.  I feel much better now, and love Israel’s generosity to me through this friendly Orthodox family guy.


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Wow…the people in Israel are so trusting! Can’t believe he let you use his bathroom. That was so nice of him! Ok…gotta finish reading to see how you did!

Comment by Nelta

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