Gefilte Fish Out of Water

Wear and Tear
April 22, 2009, 9:15 pm
Filed under: Struggles

candleburning2ends-253x1701Holy Ibn Gvirol, Batman! 

This shiz is crazy.  I am loving Ulpan.  I’m not the best student, I’m not the worst student.   But I am doing well, and I am learning.

But after four days of 4.5 hours sleep, 5 hours of school + 8 hours work each day (in a 2-man startup nonprofit), and squeezing in everything else, I really started to feel it this morning. 

What’s “everything else?”  Um, I dunno, how about training for a frigging marathon Friday?  And, making time to watch “24,” “American Idol,” and “Lost.”  (I can sacrifice “The Hills” and “In Treatment.”  Can’t believe I mentioned both of those shows in same sentence, though.)  Plus, these posts don’t write themselves, you know.  Also, friends, AA, Skyping family & friends at home, reading Perez, returning Facebook emails, dating.  Just not possible to do it all. 

Plus, b/t the lack of sleep, ubiquitous smokers in Israel, and sun exposure, I’m worried about wrinkles.

Alright, gotta watch the Idol kids sing disco tunes in bed w/ this laptop.  Teeth already brushed & flossed and face washed so I can go lights out as soon as ep is over.  Priorities.

P.S.  Couldn’t decide b/t headline I used and “Burning the Candle at Both Ends,” so hope you’re not too tripped out by disconnect b/t headine and image.


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