Gefilte Fish Out of Water

April 17, 2009, 7:05 pm
Filed under: Cultural Differences

img_17881First day of school is Sunday.  So, I woke up early today and before our intern came over went to Office Depot to buy school supplies.

The Middle East is so weird, man.  Office Depot was like….Bizarro Office Depot.  On the surface, most of the externals looked right.  See, check out the sign.  Logo is totally familiar and recognizable.  And there were aisles of merchandise, divided up reasonably – bigger ticket stuff like PC monitors on the left, smaller items like paper and pens on the right side. 

But something’s just….off.  For starters, the whole store is smaller than a “Staples Express” in New York.  I mean, it was kinda big….but if this is meant to be like the flagship Office Depot in Israel’s 2nd largest city of Tel Aviv, well then it was really tiny man!  And it just looks like cavemen organized it.  It’s really hard to put my finger on it, but….the gloss is missing; that 21st century artifice of plastic and mall culture consumerism and fancy pants $$$MONEY$$$.  I dunno, I’m not describing it well.  If you’re an expat American-cum-Tel Avivan, please weigh in.

Anyway, got my stuff.  The binders are MAMMOTH!  Most North Americans won’t know this, but Israel (like all of Europe) uses a paper size called A4 instead of the 8 1/2 x 11 we are familiar with.  I guess if most of the world uses it, Americans and Canadians are the retards, but to me the shit is just weird.  My binder looks like it belongs to Hagrid from Harry Potter.

And, there’s something else…



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Quote from a co-worker on American-sized paper: “It’s short and fat, just like they are.”

Aww, not nice.

Good luck on your first day of ulpan, Scott.

~ Maya

Comment by Maya Norton

Hey, Maya!

Who even knew you were still reading this thing? Cool….(thx)

Had a really great 1st day of Ulpan. I’ll be posting about it later.

Eww, re: your friend’s comment. She’s entitled though. New Yorkers are exempt!


Comment by skatp

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