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Worst day ever ?
April 15, 2009, 8:50 pm
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I quit my job today.  And I was OK with it.  Then we seemed to find our way back from the brink.  And it all snuck up on me so suddenly!  And I felt like such a victim!  It was very, very upsetting and confusing.

Bottom line is nothing happens in God’s universe by mistake.  And God always has and always will take care of me.  Whatever happens is what is supposed to happen….and whatever happens, I will be fine.

But dang, Girlfriend – I iz drained !!!

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference.



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Damn Scott! I am bad about checking, but it seems I strangely seem to check on the bad days. So, I’m confused – did you quit, then work it out (back from the brink) or quit and that’s it? I am thinking of you and praying for resolution. Hugs.

Comment by SHJ

Quit & unquit. We haven’t finished the conversation yet. Thank you so much for your prayers and kindness, Hon. Means A LOT. Hopefully a solution can we be worked out.

Comment by skatp

scott, i am also confused…did you quit or not? and also, why have I not seen you at tikva last two days??? as far as the actor you may or may have not seen on basal…why the heck didn’t you go up to him and speak?

Comment by barbara

Hey, Barbs –

Just seeing this now.

Didn’t quit. I’m not keen on getting into details here. But know I am still working here.

I was isolating while this was going on; that’s why you did not see me. :-/

But don’t worry – Abs, Liron – they engaged me. Plus, I got a committment and something else good. (not wanna get too explicit on here). But good things that are keeping me “plugged in.” I am OK.

You are awesome for being concerned and checking in.

Love you.

Comment by skatp

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