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Let’s all go to the lobby.
April 11, 2009, 9:56 pm
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My friend Jean invited me to the movies tonight; my choice of flick.  I never saw “Marley & Me” when it was out last Xmas in the U.S., so I chose that.  (Big dog lover, here).  Cried like a baby.  Enjoyable movie.  It was in English, w/ Hebrew subtitles.  Curiously, my tendency to attract other moviegoers who love to talk during the movie and ruin the experience for other people is a transAtlantic power!  Only about 20 peeps were in the theater in all, and the only two yappers sat right behind me.  I let it go; at least they were pretty Soft Talkers, and at least I couldn’t understand the crap they were saying.

One other thing: in Israel, movie theaters give you assigned seats, like how Ticketmaster does for a concert in the U.S.  I was assigned Row 9, Seat 8 – despite that there were only 20 peeps present out of like a 150 seat theater.  Wonder what would’ve happened if I sat anywhere I liked.  Anyway, my seats were fine, so moot point.

Sit in Row 9, Seat 8....or else!

Sit in Row 9, Seat 8....or else!


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That’s very interesting! They should totally bring that to the states…especially Brooklyn.

Comment by Nelta

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