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Catfight !
April 4, 2009, 6:18 pm
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Yo, last night the cats were mad crazy, yo!?  First of all, you know there are a ton of cats all over Israel, right?  Yeah, the story is that the British brought them over to take care of the mice, and it just became a sort-of permanent Spring Break for them.

Well anyway, last night they were nuts.  I was up late, and every few minutes – RAAAYYYYYERRRR!!!!! – crazy, high-decibel, escalating cat screech.  Like, nonstop.  Who spiked the cat food, yo?  What gives?  Not exaggerating, they were at it all night; it was like sound effects heard during a morning drive radio show.

Today at brunch, my friend Lois explained that since it’s spring, it’s cat-mating-time season.  Yeah, but why the screeching, I asked?  Do cats like it rough?  Lois explained that the male cats have to first bite the females on the neck, for their hormone response to be provoked and basically for them to get horny.  Yowza!  (It does explain things, though.)


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