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Now THIS is why I moved to Israel !
April 2, 2009, 9:34 pm
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So I finish the survey, and I’m waiting for my therapist to come out an escort me in for my in-take appointment, when the woofiest, hunkiest, 6 foot+, solid stud enters the waiting area and ushers up to the counter.  Carrying a motorcycle helmet, no less.  (Tons of peeps ride motorcycles and scooters in Tel Aviv.  Parking is scarce.)

His jeans were perfectly fitting back there, and I instinctively went for my johnson camera to get you guys the pic.  ‘Cept a worker came over to help an old lady use the HAL 9000 auto-survey thing next to me, and I had to hide the camera, and by the time I had a chance to shoot the pic, the flash setting had returned to default (I had turned it off so I wouldn’t draw attention to this Straight Guy that I was snapping a pic of his ass). 

better-doh1He turns around, and I think I’m pretty good at hiding the camera without being obvious and looking bored.  He doesn’t stare long and turns back around.  I get a few more pics – SANS FLASH – but they come out a little blurry, b/c I’m hurrying and can’t exactly ask him to pose.

Anyway, *swoon* maybe this is why I really came here.  There is no shortage of sexy, sexy men.




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I can’t stop laughing. This is what I call a quality post. Photographic evidence, no less. Keep ’em coming.

Great to see your feed added to the aggregate, by the way.

~ Maya

Comment by Maya Norton

LOL – yay, so glad you like. He was suuuper hunky, let me tell you.

Comment by skatp

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