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A Twofer
April 2, 2009, 8:57 pm
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img_1745Left the house today around 11am for a 12:10 p.m. physical therapy appointment – my first in Israel and the first I’ve had in a month (since I was in NY) after having surgery to repair the detached tendon in my left elbow.

I was running a little late, b/c I wanted to accomplish two other things at the same Maccabi Healthcare Services center where my P.T. appointment was.  I wanted to:

A) get two prescriptions filled, and

B) link my Maccabi card to my Israeli bank account, so when I see the doc they can just swipe the card and take the 6 shekels ($1.50 for seeing the bloody doctor !!! 😀 ) directly from my account

img_17461Wouldn’t you know, I made it through both lines and accomplished both tasks before my appointment time upstairs.  Yay!


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And you know…it’s 6 shekels per QUARTER!! Almost makes up for getting every frikkin’ disease there is in your first year of being an Israeli…

Comment by Shoshana

Hi, Shoshana – what do you mean “per quarter?” I thought w/ Maccabi, we paid 6 NIS for every doc visit. Are you saying we pay 6 NIS every 3 mo. on top of that….or only 6 NIS ever quarter?

Comment by skatp

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