Gefilte Fish Out of Water

A # 1 P.T.
April 2, 2009, 10:02 pm
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img_1739My P.T. was an angel.  Spoke great English, kind, personable, casual, funny.  Loved her.  First she asked me a bunch of questions…how I got injured, yadda yadda.  I didn’t realize I tore FOUR SEPARATE MUSCLES from my elbow tendon !!!  (She explained this to me after reading my surgery report that my mom sent me from the U.S.) 

She said my injury really is a serious one, and we discussed weightlifting and how I got injured.  I told her it’s not like I’m bodybuilding and lifting huge amounts of weight.  Compared to what I see other Chelsea Boys at NYSC do, I really am moderate; just enough weight that I can do two slow sets of 15 reps; none of this power lifting shiz.  We talk about other orthopedic injuries I’ve had in the past, and she makes me look at the fact they are all from overuse.  (that is the 1st time in this entire blog I’ve used  BOLD, m’kay?)  Even though I don’t think what I’m doing is extreme, she helps me see I clearly am overdoing it and if I don’t rehab myself and then change my ways, there will only be more serious consequences.  As for those other people I see in the gym doing even more…she assures me they are all suffering injuries, too; I just don’t follow them to the doctor or P.T. and get to see that part.

So we did a whole bunch of resistance tests to see which motions hurt and which don’t, and then she gave me a bunch of stretches to do.  The P.T. in nyc I saw 4x before I left for Israel gave me many of these same stretches to do, too, and I did them…until I stopped.  The surgery was nearly two months ago; I figured they weren’t necessary anymore.  Nuh-Uh, she assures me.  They’re needed very much.  My tendon was severely effed and the surgery was a majorly traumatizing thing for it (I didn’t even know I have a permanent plastic anchor inside me helping the tendon stay fastened to the elbow now.)

I made two appointments for after Pesach.  Very happy to be getting such good medical care.  And unlike the U.S., we don’t have to keep going back to the insurance company with requests for additional visits.  Uh-uh, she says I will continue with her until she decides I don’t need it anymore.  Noice!


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