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On the most sensational! Inspirational! Celebrational! Muppetsational! – THIS IS WHAT WE CALL THE MUPPET SHOW !!!
April 1, 2009, 7:44 am
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I posted last week about how, on a video Skype call, I got to ask my 1-year-old niece Alexa, “What does a sheep say?” and “What does a cow say?” and she answered me – all the way 8,000 miles away through fiber optic cables and wireless routers.  It was incalculably special to me!

Well, yesterday as I was jogging, besides freaking out, I had an idea: I thought, If I want to make an impression on Alexa and really register w/ her and have her be aware of me as she grows from a baby into a little girl, I’m going to have to….put on puppet shows over Skype video calls!

But where was I gonna get puppets?  Should I buy brown paper lunch bags and decorate them like the Fandango animation does?  Should I make my own sock puppets?  What’s an uncle to do?

Then last night as I was out for coffee w/ friends, a young, pretty girl came up to us selling adorable, crocheted keychain and eraserheads.  “I make them myself,” she proudly said.  My friends were well aware of this little girl and are quite fond of her.  OMG – these are  p-e-r-f-e-c-t  for my little Alexa puppet shows!  So, I bought five for 170 shekels ($41.46).  She wanted 250 shekels and I was gonna pay it, but my friends negotiated for me.

Yippee?  What do you think I should name them.  And check out the Hassidic one –  how cute is he???  😀


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The Hassid is definitely my favorite. Alexa is lucky to have you.

Comment by specialkrb

[…] it’s very important to me.  I’ve written about it a lot before – like here, here […]

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