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Israeli pizza is fake.
April 1, 2009, 8:44 pm
Filed under: Cultural Differences

untitledWas really in the mood for some pizza today, and there is this place in Basel Square across from the Cafe Ashtor I always go to with friends, so I went there and ordered 3 slices.

Not so good.  [This pic is a stand-in pulled from the web, b/c I didn’t have my camera on me and pic I took w/ neutered U.S. Blackberry won’t import.] 


A) Small!  Like a a junior slice.  Like, only 65-70% size of what a normal pizza slice should be.

B) Not enough sauce.  Or cheese, really.  Too dry.

C) Bonus points for sesame seeds on the crust.  Good idea.

D) Too thin.  I know some peeps in U.S. like their pizza that way, but I am not really one of them, and I think even they would be disappointed with this pizza.

E)  Expensive!  3 plain slices plus small old-skool glass bottle of Coke Zero ran me 42 shekels ($10.24).  I could see the same order in NYC costing about $8.

Seriously, if you are an authentic Italian pizza maker from one of the many Ray’s in NYC, and you’re bummed about the ecomony shitting all over you, move to Israel, man!  You would make a killing here.  The line would be around the block and you’d be a rich man.


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Big Apple has decent pizza…expensive, but it’s better than most of the pizza in Israel.
Also, in Jlem there’s “Pizza kimat chinam” (פיצה כמעט חינם) which is also ok. Not American, but not bad– and cheap! It’s right by town.

Comment by Lauren

Thanks, Lauren. I’m 1/2 Italian, so this matters to me! I will have to try “Pizza kimat chinam.” 😀

Comment by skatp

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