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P.T., comin’ up
March 30, 2009, 4:52 pm
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I saw my primary care physician again yesterday and got a prescription to resume physical therapy on my left elbow.  I had surgery on it 2/5/09 (or, as dates are written in Israel 5/2/09) before I left the U.S. to reattach the tendon.  I did a quick few sessions of P.T., but then I was audi.

The date-thing actually caused a bit of confusion.  My Iraeli doc was looking at my surgery report a little bewilderdly…”But your surgery hasn’t happened yet?” he said.  I’m about to press the silent alarm under the desk and have him taken away, when we both figured out the source of the confusion and had a laugh.

Anyway, my doc in the U.S. who did the surgery said it’ll be months before I can lift weights again, but of course I am dying to hit the gym, b/c:

1) beach season is coming up

2) great way to meet boys people

3) great new addition to my routine

But the last thing I need is to reinjure myself, so I want professional rehab care.  I took the ‘script over to the Maccabi health clinic on Hashia Street and didn’t have to wait in a line to turn it in.  The clerk entered me into a database and said they would call me when a P.T. was available in the area.  Hmm, I hope that’s soon!


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