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WHAT Pop Culture Blackout ???
March 29, 2009, 8:22 pm
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Today some olim angels saved my life.

If you’re livin’ in Israel and you miss your American TV, listen up:  this post is your one stop shop to mainlining all that juicy, high fructose corn syrup, Americana Hollywood ooze once again.


1) If streaming video is your thing, check out these sites:  TV Shack, TV Dome and NinjaVideo (*cue heavenly music from God/heavens*; thanks, P & S!).  Or, check out this post.  Basically it says to download Hotspot Shield.  Once you have, then go to your computer’s time/date settings and set them to Arizona.  Then, open the Hotspot Shield program, and it’ll give you a fake I.P. address, so when you go to hulu,,, or, you won’t that soul-crushing, “Sorry, streaming videos are only a to viewers in the United States” message.  It worked for me on hulu, and with the network sites, I was able to circumvent the outside-the-U.S. issue…but the players just wouldn’t load, so that solution wasn’t so hot for me.  I just caught up on LOST thanks to TV Dome, and I officially bow down and lick that site’s combat boots.

2) Now, if you’re more of a downloading kind of Oleh, you have another set of options.  There are SurftheChannel, Great Stuff TV and e-mule, which give you links to download sites (thanks S again, R, and A/Y!).  Then there’s Mininova (thanks M!) which requires you do download Torrents – which is like stealing music off Limewire, only you’re taking pieces of the media from hundreds of computers at once, so it’s good for bigger media like TV episodes and movies.  Other torrent client sites include: Bittorrent (thanks, J!), Utorrent, (M!) and for Macs:  VUZE (M again!; *Mac users, you are welcome.  Please send iPhones in appreciation to…*).

So, click away, Olim and enjoy your favorite flavor crystal filled American mind candy!


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Thank you for linking to my post: How to watch NBC Streaming Video using Hotspot Shield.

Comment by HideIP

You bet. That guy Patrick got a little snippy afterward, didn’t he?

Comment by skatp

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