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You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!
March 28, 2009, 11:50 am
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Israeli water fountains are berserk.  They are like the assault rifle equivalent of a water fountain.

OK, I shouldn’t say that.  I am really only speaking about the water fountians in Yarkon Park.  The water fountains I am used to in the U.S. shoot up at an angle that is maybe about 60 degrees – you know out at an angle, perfect for lowering your head to them and catching the stream in your mouth, mid-air.

Well, these fountains are not like that.  The shoot STRAIGHT UP INTO THE AIR at like 1000 pounnds of force per square inch (or torque or g-force), or some shit like that.  They’re like a burst water main, I’m not kiddin’.

And so there is no perfect strategy for drinking from them without spraying water all over your face.  Shooting the stream up first and then moving your mouth over it does not work.  The nanoseconds when your mouth is moving across the stream are like a train wreck and you risk getting blinded and drenched.  The best I could come up with is to put your mouth in the “water catching position” first, directly over the airspace where the water will shoot out.  Then, pressing the button and hoping for a clean, direct hit. 

But that’s not easy either.  It’s a really forceful jet and you are kind of startled and taken aback by the water’s force as it hits.  Would it have killed some engineers to just angle the water out a little, you guys ?!!


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Oh it’s not just in Tel Aviv! Jerusalem ones shoot like jets also 😉

Comment by Oleh


Comment by skatp

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