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The air is so sweet
March 28, 2009, 12:12 pm
Filed under: Cool Things


In Tel Aviv it just happens: you are walking down the street and all the sudden you are hit with the concentrated aroma of the sweetest, most pleasant mix of oranges (with, like, a root beer chaser?).  Not an overly, sickly sweet smell like how some New Yorkers complained of that maple syrup smell periodically wafting across the Hudson.  No, this is air-freshenery-yet-good, pure delightfulness.  And very real.  It’s not faint.  There’s no – do you smell this? to your friend next to you.  No, it’s unmistakeable, and it lasts for random bursts of 4-5 seconds, then you’re through it and it’s gone.

I’ve asked around.  Turns out it’s orange blossoms, which are blooming now.  I don’t actually see the trees.  They are in groves located outside of the city.  But their scent gets blown by the breeze and you encounter it randomly about 5-6 times a day.  It rules.

This is something that never happens in New York City.  The most I can say for New York is that sometimes there isn’t a localized, pungent stench coming from a dumpster.  If you’re not passing one of those, then the city smells just fine; neutral.  But there’s definitely no “bonus/pleasant” bursts of freshness like this abounding NYC.  No, there isn’t.


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