Gefilte Fish Out of Water

March 24, 2009, 8:47 pm
Filed under: Feelings


The days are taking on a kind of sameness quality to them.

My boss is away right now, and I’m still in his guest room until my apartment is ready mid-April.  And he has a home-office.  So, I realized this morning that I’m not lovin this sameness quality my days are taking on.  Each day I make breakfast, do some meditation and get centered for the day.  Then, I sit at the computer for 8 hours and do good work.  Some days there is an intern with me, some days not.  Then, I either go for a jog in the park or go to AA and sometimes for coffee after with people from the meeting.

I like all these things.  Right now I’m writing the content for our website at work.  I think that’s cool.  I like doing it.  I also love Yarkon Park and going for long jogs in it.  The scenery, the tunes, the dogs – it’s all great.  And I enjoy my meetings and fellowship with the people there.  The problem doesn’t come from any of the individual components.

It comes from the limited variety of the routine.  I LOVE routines.  Nobody loves ’em more than me.  But this one is just too limited.  I’ve got to break out and do some different stuff.  It’ll get easier once I’ve got my own apartment.  Right now I’m still a guest in someone else’s place, and that limits you a lot, I think – more than you realize, I think.  Like, these girls at the BBQ last wknd invited me over for dinner sometime.  I need to call them and accept.


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