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The little f%cker bit me!
March 20, 2009, 9:30 am
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There’s a story I forgot to tell.  Last week, as I was nearing the end of an evening jog in Yarkon Park, this little terrier came up to me out of nowhere and attacked me!  Now, this pic is not the terrier; it’s just some pic I found on Google.  This dog looked like an older version of “Benji.”  And he came up to me out of nowhere (like he was waiting for me!), and he was the clearly the Alpha Dog,  b/c his little “mean girl” follower black terrier was half-heartedly following him and barking without the heart.

Many people don’t lease their dogs in Tel Aviv.  I actually like it – I put myself in the minds of the dogs, and they all seem SO HAPPY here – but this is obviously the downside.  The owner was on his cell phone, and he half-assed called the dog’s name and tried to wave him over (must have been an important call – not).  Then, Benji/Cujo lept up and bit me on my left calf.  Ow !!!   I didn’t break the skin (though it did leave a mark and must have bled under the skin a bit, b/c there as a little non-bleeding red dot).

After the fact, I wish I had kicked the thing.  But it was tiny and old.  For sure, I was capable of breaking all of its ribs in one wailing *kick!*.  But I didn’t want to hurt it.  (Though some Israelis have said that was the way to handle the situaion and the guy has to accept the consequences.)  And I also wish I had yelled at the guy that I was going to kick it and he should lease this Cujo/Benji/Sophia Petrillo thing or at least asked him if it was properly immunized.  But I was under attack, so I high-tailed it out of there.

It was Shabbat, so medical centers were closed.  I could spend my Friday night in the emergency room, or die of rabies.  Actually, I looked up “bit by a dog” on Google and determined that I was OK (dog was not a stray, bite didn’t bite skin, I had tetanus booster in 2004 for trip to Montreal).

So, that’s that story.


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