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Almost perfect night.
March 17, 2009, 2:28 am
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Tonight was pretty damn near perfect. 

Except I went for the wrong ice cream pint flavor choice.  The AM:PM  (that’s “bodega” for you New Yorkers and “WAWA” for you Philadelphians) didn’t have a good Ben & Jerry’s selection, so I went for an unknown manufacturer’s “Snickers” branded flavor.  Bad move.  Snickers doesn’t translate to ice cream very well.  I knew this already.  Should’ve gone for the Ben & Jerry’s “cookies & cream.”  Seemed too boring, but at least the quality would have been there.  Wasted calories.  Of course, I ate the whole Snickers pint anyway in the minibus home – I’M NOT CRAZY.  Hey, are Ben & Jerry Jewish?

Tonight I went to a bar/club called Lima Lima.  On Mondays it is gay.  They have a branded party, whose logo I put above for you.  I went to this party last January, when I was here on vacation.   I had an amazing time.  American hip hop-tinged pop and hotHOTHOT Israeli boys men.  So, I went back there tonight.

First off, I had a few Red Bulls and sat on a couch by myself, watching the dance floor fill up.  I felt quite comfortable, even by myself.  Then, I got up and started dancing, at 40% capacity/sort of laid-back style.  Warming up.

Then I saw my friend Lawrence Ferber !!!   Lawrence is a journalist, who I know and have worked with back in New York and at the Sundance Film Festival.  I thought I saw him talking in the other room of Lima Lima when I did my entry/surveying lap.  As he passed me on his way out, I saw it was him!  Totally random and aWeSoMe !!!   I gave him my number, and we’re gonna talk tomorrow.  Lawrence said he is here on a press trip collecting stories to file (he is a freelance writer) on Israel.  Hello, publicity opp for my job!  Yay, fortuitous!

Then, I danced up a storm, hardcore.  Rocked out!  I used to dance once/week in NYC in the early 00’s, but it really has been a long time.  And I enjoy it SOOOO much!  So, this was great.

***uh, oh – as I type this, there is a mosquito pestering me in my bedroom.  Ominous foreshadowing for the hyped & dreaded hot/humid Israeli summer to come…***

There was an English speaker sort of flirting with me, but then not/being coy.  I was allowing my mojo to be zapped, so I got off the dancefloor and went to the heated patio outside.  SMOKER CITY (everybody smokes in Israel; one thing I’m not wild about here), but hot Israeli men to talk to.

I order a bottled water at the bar.  Then I meet an older gentleman.  Generous, magnanimous, kind, menschy…and interested.  Too bad I don’t need a Sugar Daddy.  He was telling me I could crash at his place any time I need to (“It’s centrally located!  It has a spa!”), offering to buy me a drink.  But he was also very nice and friendly…and socially connected.  It was a little weird how he looks like my Uncle Jerry.  He seems the kind of guy that knows a lot of cool people, sort of an Elder Statesman A-List Gay, and I would enjoy being introduced to his friends.  I got his number, and he already txtd me.  So, score another one for Scotty (A – Lawrence/p.r. opp for work; B – shakin’ my bones on the dancefloor; C – social connections).

Then, I bump into Roi, who I met at Lima Lima in January.  He cut off all his hair! He is very friendly and kind, and we chatted, and I got his number.   I met Roi’s friend Sharcha.  Nice guy who works for a high tech firm.

Then, I talked to the Americans/friends of the Coy American, who turned out to be NYU grad students here on a school trip.  They were all nice, but C.A. still ignored me (but I know it was because he so wanted me).

Wound up back on the dancefloor for another 1/2 hour of bones shakin.  Did some dirty dancing with an Israeli.  Left him wanting more.  Got the aforementioned mediocre ice cream.  Chatted a straight Israeli, who works in a printing press and had just gotten off work.  We waited for the minibus together, and chatted as we waited and in the van when it came.  I asked him how to say “stop, please,” b/c I’m always forgetting to ask Voldy.  The driver understands English, but I feel embarrased saying it in English when the van is full  (“tourist,” they’re all thinking).  “Atzor, slicha,” in case you were wondering.


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