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The Absorbsion Basket
March 10, 2009, 9:42 pm
Filed under: Official Immigrant Stuff

img_1659Hey, y’all.  Sorry no posts yesterday.

Monday started with a trip to the Ministry of Absorbsion.  Typical “fight for yourself/make it happen” scenario.  Had to wait in line to talk to secretary, who sent me to room 8…1 Russian guy claimed to have appointment and cut in front of me…all in all I got seen by someone about 40 minutes after arrival.  Not too bad.

I was there primarily to give them my bank account info, so I could receive the rest of my Sal Kittah (moolah).

– Next week I get a direct deposit of 1,307 sheckels ($318.78)

– In April, May & June I get installments of 1,402 sheckels ($341.95)

– In July, I get 2,480 ($604.87)

– In Aug & Sept, it’s back to 1,402 sheckels

– Oct jumps to 2,197 sheckels ($535.85)

– Final payment comes in Nov, and it’s 1,545 sheckels ($376.83)

I also got the document, which allows me to take Ulpan (intensive Hebrew school) free for six months.  (I’m beginning that April 19).

I have to make an appointment with a caseworker named Lia on September 1, so she can see how I’m doing.

Next March I become eligible for rent subsidies (not sure how much).  I can continue to get them for five years! (though they decline each year).

Anyway, this visit was significant in that it’s the last Official Immigrant-y thing I have to do!  I love that I handled all of the official absorbsion stuff and I’ve hooked myself up to receive all the benefits.

Yay, me.


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