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Cleanup on aisle two.
March 10, 2009, 10:01 pm
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On the way back home, I decided to buy groceries for the first time.  I figured eating at home would save me money.

See, I haven’t written about this here, I think – but I finally happened upon THE DIET.  Better than South Beach.  Trumps Atkins.  Oprah wishes she knew about this diet.  It’s called the NEW IMMIGRANT DIET.  I’ve explained how I’m making a very good salary for Israel.  But I haven’t gotten my first check yet, b/c of accounting stuff.  So, I’ve been worried about money, and I’ve been holding onto it very tightly.  And basically I know how the stomach of a model feels.  Relax (mom), I have not been starving myself.  I eat when my body tells me I really have to.  But in New York I also eat when I’m stressed, or craving sugar, or just because.  None of that flies in my current situation.  So, I’ve been walking around hungry most of the time, eating just one big sandwich a day and, like, fruit and snacks the rest of the time.  Even though I haven’t been doing tons of exercise, I’m staying pretty Gay Thin, which is pretty hot actually.

But with the grocery purchase yesterday, that brought the diet to an end, pretty much.  Now, I’m cooking (OK, nuking mostly) real meals regularly.

Here’s what I got for 276 sheckels ($67.32):


If you can’t see close enough, it’s:

– mixed greens, turkey, dressing, dried cranberries, almonds and mozzarella for salads

– wheat bread, peanut butter, jelly, and marshmallow fluff (!!!) for sandwiches

– frozen chicken strips, veggie patties, baby carrots and snow peas for meals

Not bad.  It’s a crap shoot on the microwaving.  Not like I can read the instructions or anything.  And I couldn’t find vinagrette dressing, so I had to get creamy kind, which I’m not really into.


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