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got my bank account today
March 8, 2009, 10:07 pm
Filed under: Infrastructure, Official Immigrant Stuff


Took my Teudat Zehut straight to the bank.

Israel has three major banks:  Bank L’eumi, Bank Hapoalim, and Discount Bank.  Supposedly they all suck.  I went to Discount Bank first.  But the manager was all c%nty, said he was busy, and I should come back tomorrow when Pauline would be there, b/c she speaks better English.  Uh-uh, dude.  See ya.

Went to Hapoalim.  Got my account.  Didn’t love the process.  Opened it with only 50 sheckels, and actually had to pay a 1.35 fee just to make the first deposit!  Whatever.   Tomorrow I’ll go to the Ministry of Absorbsion with this bank account number and arrange to have my future govt stipend deposits electronically deposited into my account.  And, I can go next to Nefesh b’Nefesh and arrange to have my grant wired, too.  Ka-ching!  I’m gonna make it after all.


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