Gefilte Fish Out of Water

Choose: Taxi or Yarmulke
March 7, 2009, 1:05 pm
Filed under: Cultural Differences

shabbatSo this morning I dressed for services and set out to meet my NY friend (Allan)’s friend for Shabbat services in English.  Except that I went the wrong way on Ben Yehuda Street, and I was running late.  So, I took the mini-bus back the other direction to save some time.  Funny thing, though – both the driver and the two women already in the bus made me take off my kipah.  Because it is Shabbat today, I either had to get out of the car or remove my symbol of religious observance (kipah).  *eye roll*  So, even though it was perfectly placed on my head, I complied and everyone was happy.

Except the services sucked.  Almost every synagogue in Israel is Orthodox.  There are some Reform ones, but very few.  Orthodox has sort of a choke-hold on religion in this country (that’s why you’re either Orthodox or secular/non-observant).  Too much chanting and davening; I tried to just be still and meditate, but couldn’t concentrate with all the chanting.  But I wanted to stay until the Kiddush hour, so I could meet some English speakers; so I went to the lobby and read Entertainment Weekly.  Until I couldn’t even do that anymore.  So I left, and Voldy and I went to his friend Ziv’s (who I’ve met before) and hung out/had coffee.  Had a great time, and it turns out I’m going to rent an apartment Voldy owns b/c the current tenant is moving out…


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