Gefilte Fish Out of Water

Joe + Scott, reunited
March 6, 2009, 5:14 pm
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Today I went for my jog since making Aliyah.  In Yarkon Park, a  beautiful, sprawling park I jogged in during my vacation.  On the way I checked out an apartment in an building Voldy owns that may be coming up for rent soon.  The street was very charming, and I’d love to live there, I think.

Then, I ran a few errands.  I got passport photos taken.  I’m not sure if I need to bring passport pics to the Ministry of the Interior to get my Teudat Zehut, but after yesterday I AM NOT TAKING ANY CHANCES.  I can always use them later.

I also made my first real purchases in Israel.  I bought a new clippers (after frying the old ones) and a new coffeemaker.  As a poor immigrant, I can’t  be buyin’ no more Americanos and such, but at home everyone here DRINKS INSTANT.   Blech !!!   I’ll be frugral and make my own coffee, but it’s got to be the real thing.

Went to a supermarket for the first time and bough some ground coffee.  There was not much choice, compared to the 50 kinds of INSTANT CRAP COFFEE they were selling.  Guh-ross!  I also bought some outmeal and honey to try and save money eating in for breakfast.

I’ve heard the “pushy Israeli” characteristic really shows itself jockeying for a spot in the checkout line.  So, when a woman didn’t line up behind me but rather parallel to me, I was ready.  But she wasn’t aggressive about it.  She turned about to be a delightful woman from India, whose husband is a diplomat in Israel.  I asked her if she’s seen “Slumdog.”  She said yes, and we agreed the story and music are wonderful, but she was sure to let me know that the India in “Slumdog” is only one side of India, and not all of India is poor like that. 



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