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The episode I almost missed.
March 5, 2009, 9:54 pm
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Wow, that was intense.

I finished work early tonight.  My boss, whose guest room I’m stayin in, was out on a date tonight.  I considered going out myself, but didn’t know where to go.  Then I remembered I hadn’t watched this week’s episode of LOST yet.

Now, LOST is my favorite show.  Ever.  EverEVERever.  I love it so much, I almost considered scrapping this whole adventure-of-a-lifetime-living-in-Israel thing in order to not miss future episodes.  Can’t live without my LOST.

But this being 2009, I figured, “No problem, I’ll just watch the free episode on a day after it’s broadcast in the U.S.”  Maybe I’d miss out on the immediacy of everyone at home seeing it 1/2 a day before me, but that’d be no biggie.

So I decided to stay in and watch the ep.  Boss was out.  I lit some candles, killed the lights, plunked the laptop on my lap on the chaise lounge and got ready to enjoy that amazing storytelling.  When – NO !!!    I click on the link and see the text, “Full episodes only available to viewers in the United States.”  NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I try a workaround.  Check out the episode guide on, carefully avoid spoilers in the posted recap, and google, “LOST full episode LaFluer.”  Tons of links come up.  Please, this is the internet 2009; you can bootleg watch any content, right?  Wrong, or so I thought.  Link after link brought me to dead ends.  Either sites that promised, “Watch the full episode after you fill out this short survey….then took you to a dating website,” or sites that my laptop wouldn’t play and a stupid Norton anti-virus message kept popping up saying my laptop “had just defended an attacked against malicious malware software.”

Crap.  This isn’t my computer.  It’s my boss’.  It’s our teeny, tiny, barely funded for one year, getting off the ground nonprofit.  I can’t go junking 1/4 of our computer network just to get my TV rocks off.  On the other hand – it’s LOST !!!!!!!!   And it was such a tease getting so close to watching it, only to be denied.

You’re thinking, hello Mr. “I know about the internet,” have you heard of a thing called YouTube?  Well, I had already tried YouTube, but found only teaser trailers of the episode.  But long story short, I was directed back to YouTube and after finding a link called “LOST Season 5 Episode 8 HD: LaFluer 2 of 5.”  Could it be???

Yes.  It be’d.  It was a legit 10 min stretch of the ep.  And I found “1 of 5,” 3 of 5″ and all the rest.  Actually it looked like there was almost no “5 of 5,” but it was just mislabeled “4 of 5” (so there were two different “4 of 5” links.  Got that?)  And so, I got to watch the episode.  And those of you who are fans know that it was a mindbender of an episode.  [Wait – was Jin ever with Juliette & Sawyer?  Three years later?  Three years earlier?  When did Reiko Ayeslworth have that baby?]  Now, try adding watching it in 10 min stretches and then having to find the next right link, watching it on a laptop with only a pretty good wireless connection, and a stupid “Get the full episode at” (which was one of the scam sites, BTW) on top of the screen.

Know what?  I’m still really happy.  I wonder how it’s gonna work with and “24.”


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Shocked that ABC limits it to the U.S.

Comment by Jonathan

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