Gefilte Fish Out of Water

V.I. (P.U.!)
March 4, 2009, 5:00 pm
Filed under: Official Immigrant Stuff


Lee & I were met by this guy, who works for Israel’s “Ministry of Absorbsion.”  Why is he holding a sign that says “Frank” Piro?  Most of you reading will know the answer.  For those of you who don’t, Scott is my given middle name (Frank is my given first name.)  Interesting side note: when I go tomorrow to the Ministry of the Interior to pick up my official Israeli I.D card or “Teudat Zehut,” I can tell them whatever I want for my name.  That means, at least as far as Israel is concerned, I can finally really lose the “Frank!”  I think I’m going to call myself Scott Ze’ev Piro.  Ze’ev is Hebrew for “wolf.”  My recently passed grandfather had the Yiddish equivalent of Ze’ev for his Hebrew name.  It’ll be in his honor.

Anyway, back to Pepe (as in Le Pew).  I shouldn’t really be nasty, and to be fair he didn’t stink  too badly.  But he did reek somewhat and as for his dandruf….let’s just say I thought I escaped the 14 inches of snow NYC got on the day I left, but as evidenced by Pepe’s head & shoulders, I guess not.  Apparently, everybody mocks civil service workers in Israel.  There are so many doctors, lawyers and professionals, that it’s commonly thought that if you get this kind of job, you’re a dumbass.  Not very nice, but I’m just telling you what I heard.   I didn’t make it up.


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