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So, I made Aliyah…
March 4, 2009, 1:53 pm
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img_15971If you’re reading this blog, you probably already know who I am and why I moved to Israel from New York on 3/1/09 (that’s March 1, b/c here 3/1/09 means January 3).

But real quick, here’s the backstory:

Most American reform Jews my age have already visited Israel, usually as a teenager.  I never did.  I’d been dying to go, but just wasn’t a good saver and never wound up with enough money to buy my plane ticket.  But then in April 2008 I began dating an Israeli guy.  We dated long distance through November 2008; he would visit the U.S. for a week every six weeks.

Ultimately things didn’t work out romantically for us.  But being the mensch he is, my Ex said I should go through with my planned visit to Israel over the Xmas holiday break.  I did, and I had a great time.  So great that I began thinking I wanted to stay here.  Below, I’ve bulleted out the main reasons I decided to take this dramatic step:

1) The feeling inside me that told me I wanted to stay here.

2) Impending layoff from my job in New York (which subsequently happened).

3) Outstanding job offer here in Israel – to become communications director for startup nonprofit organization that helps refugees.  Not only is it a wonderful cause, but it’s a great expansion of my existing publicity skill set.  I’ll do the organization’s publicity, but also things like writing the website’s content, setting up speaking opportunities for our executive director, and more.  [Note: as of now, I’m making a choice not to write in much detail about the organization.  My boss is a really private person, and it just makes sense to leave those details out, for now at least.]

4) Projections I read that by the year 2040, Israeli Arabs will outnumber Israel Jews inside Israel proper.  (Already they do, if you count the occupied territories.)  Since Israel’s identity is defined by its faith, and since it’s a democracy…unless you have something like Apartheid, basically that means the end of Israel as we know it unless more Jews come here.

5) Didn’t own my own home in NY.

6) Not married; don’t have my own family.

7) The economy in U.S. is tanking, to put it mildly.

8) I’ve lived in NYC for 17 years.  Time for an adventure!

So here I am.  This pic is of the EL AL aircraft’s wing, from my seat on the flight that brought me over.


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Sounds so exciting!! I look forward to following your adventures!

Comment by Betsy

Please do not stop writing to us!!! I love reading every bit of your experiences!
Mazel Tov
So many hugs and kisses to you.
Lots of Love

Comment by Lauren Greenstein Wright

Hi, Lauren – u still with me?

Comment by skatp

I am glad that you found your way.

Comment by beth blank dunn

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