Gefilte Fish Out of Water

Getting healthy, Hill.
March 4, 2009, 8:53 pm
Filed under: Infrastructure, Official Immigrant Stuff


On my first full day in Israel (Tuesday), I took care of enrolling for the government’s free health insurance.  They have four plans; I asked around and was told Mccabbee was best; that it’s run like an HMO, and you can go to private (participating) doctors’ offices instead of socialized-y like clinics. 

So, I had to go the the post office to get a piece of paperwork.  Paid a small fee of 14.5 sheckels ($3.54) for that.  Then, walked over to Mccabbee.  Had to wait about 45 minutes.  They had TV on in the background.  A news program came on, and I saw Hillary Clinton just arrived for her first official visit as Secretary of State to Israel.  That’s some entourage I got!  (Pic is blurry, b/c I had to take it all stealth-like.  You know, people could object to me just whipping out the cam for a shot.)

In all seriousness, seeing Hill on TV comforted me a little.  Like a little piece of home +/or she came all this way just to make sure I was OK.



Also, more free stuff: Not only did I get my Mccabbee insurance card, but also a free first aid kit.  Yay!



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