Gefilte Fish Out of Water

March 4, 2009, 8:24 pm
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In America, the DC current (maybe it’s AC current; whatever, it’s the juice that comes out of the outlet) is 110 volts.  In Israel, like Europe, it’s 220 volts.  Now, there’s some American electronics that can be plugged into an adapter so they fit into the outlets here.  As long as it’s a device that runs on a battery, so that when you plug it into the wall it’s the battery that’s charging, everything’s fine.  It won’t blow up or blow a fuse or anything.  So charging phones, iPods, Blackberrys – all fine.  Other stuff has to be plugged into a converter, which is something different. It’s an incredibly heavy contraption that converts the current from 220–>110 or vice versa so nothing blows up.   I’m using it for my external hard drive and also for my Bose sound dock.

Well, Neil said an electric razor would also be fine, b/c people use them for travelling all over the world, so they’re usually meant to handle both voltages.  Well, I guess it’s a rite of passage, b/c I plugged mine in and *BOOM!* it died.  Well, it didn’t explode, but it popped in a way that clearly wasn’t good, and then it smelled like burnt plastic.  Bummer!  How was I gonna keep my stubble all George Michaely?  I improvised with the sideburn cutter of my other electric razor which runs on rechargeable battery and was OK to plug into the wall with a simple plug adapter.  I was bummed though.  I’m a poor immigrant, and now I just lost something valuable to me.  But it was a not very expensive electric clippers and not a Bose sound dock, so I guess I was pretty lucky learning this lesson on a relative piece of junk.


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[…] also made my first real purchases in Israel.  I bought a new clippers (after frying the old ones) and a new coffeemaker.  As a poor immigrant, I can’t  be buyin’ no more Americanos […]

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